Online marketing tips you should write down

The Internet is the primary platform for marketing, and this has been held as truth for the last decade or so. A shrewd marketing move can attract thousands of potential customers in a matter of days. But the whole online marketing industry is vast and coming up with a successful marketing strategy that will attract people.

Times change and new trends come and go and thus finding the right way to advertise and succeed. You will find a bunch of online marketing tips that won’t work now. This article will give you some new tips about digital marketing and online advertising in general.

Email Marketing is still a crucial part of online marketing strategies

Being able to email thousands of people at once about your latest product or event is still a major benefit of email marketing and shouldn’t be treated lightly. If you aren’t already engaging in email marketing then you should definately start. There are many email marketing software solutions on the market today and a lot of them have free plans, or at least free trials. Platforms like Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp have dedicated email marketing software that allows you to import your email lists and create email templates with ease. Most have drag and drop editors and automation features that allow for autoresponders. If you are unsure of who to use, then check out this comparison of the best email marketing software for Australia.

Here are few tips about email marketing

  • Make sure you have permission to use the email addresses
  • Put an email grabber on your website to start collecting email address
  • Make sure the subject line of your emails are catchy and engaging
  • Dont put too much in your emails. If you have a long story, link back to the full story on your website.

“Using email marketing for our camping and outdoors business has really increased our online sales. We can promote our products on a regular basis directly to existing and potentially new customers. – Andy, Bright Camping

Ten online tips for successful marketing strategies

Here are 10 top tips from Australian business startup site that should help with your business marketing.

  • Don’t use trademarks you don’t own in your ads as they will be removed. If you have an agreement with a brand, then use its name to attract potential clients.
  • Your website should be mobile-friendly as mobile devices have a large impact on the online community. This will generate around half of your profit.
  • Your site should have a share option. This will allow your clients to share your content on social networks and that is a form of free marketing you should use.
  • Don’t make mistakes in posts on social networks. Every comment or post you make will either attract clients or shoo them away. Make sure that your posts attract people.
  • It’s all about social networks, and you have to focus your marketing strategy on them. You shouldn’t focus on one or two social networks, but spread your ads over half a dozen of them.
  • If you want to attract clients from the specific area, then don’t forget to include geo-specific keywords. This can work on a larger scale as well with the inclusion of the state or a country within your ad.

  •    Capitalize starting letter of relevant keywords in your add. However, don’t go full caps-on as that turns people away from the ad.
  •    Don’t use your business name in the ad as it takes precious space. Your company name should be in the URL.
  •    Ads are short, but that doesn’t mean you should use abbreviations that aren’t widely known and accepted.
  •    A business blog won’t do you any good without new and exciting content. Update your blog on a regular basis and money will pour into your account.