Meet The Team

Vanessa A. Douglas

Vanessa is a management supervisor at As founder and editor of The Innovation Mill, Vanessa spends a considerable amount of time trolling the Web for new and unusual examples of smart thinking in business. She has published for PRWeek, commPRO, PR News and Manager’s Edge and has been a featured speaker for a number of webinars and workshops about social media. She graduated from Saint Louis University with a dual B.A. in Communications and Political Journalism. Books, travel and wine are the way to her heart.

Jeffrey Cipriano

Jeffrey Cipriano is an associate analyst in Research & Insight. When not neck-deep in data and mastering Excel formulas, he is collaborating with coworkers and clients on ways to make Measurement smart, actionable, and exciting. Before joining at, Jeffrey worked for Tasting Table, an online food culture magazine, and in event management capacity for Fordham University, of which he is a proud alumnus. A writer and television junkie, Jeffrey is a source of fascinating (or as some would say, random and unnecessary) pop culture trivia, delicious baked goods, and high energy for all his coworkers.

Lauren Parker

Lauren is a Senior Account Executive at where she works on several of the firm’s B2B and consumer accounts, including MINI, Klarna, and Ernst & Young. Lauren helps drive both traditional and social media strategies and has a strong background in event planning and execution. Previously, she worked at MSNBC as a production assistant where she created graphics and wrote copy for on-air talent. She is addicted to scary movies, yet knows literally every line to “Gone with the Wind.”

Marian Daniells

Marian Daniells is an account executive who works primarily on professional services and nonprofit accounts. She has a deep-seeded (read: “geeky”) passion for corporate social responsibility and cause marketing, and helps organize internal CSR efforts. A former print and broadcast journalist, Daniells previously wrote for The Boston Globe, New England Cable News, and Marie Claire. She sometimes cheats on The Innovation Mill with other blogs. A random selection of things Daniells likes: weight lifting, puppies, closet organization, glitter, travel, sentence diagramming, Gilmore Girls and cooking.


Bonnie Pedlow

Bonnie Pedlow is a Senior Account Executive at Peppercomm where she draws on her luxury and consumer experience to develop and implement strategy, create content and drive innovative media results. Prior to this role, she spent several years building US branding, marketing, event and business development opportunities for a region of Southern France. This was followed by a public relations position with Vacheron Constantin, the oldest Swiss watchmaking manufacture. All this to say she loves food, wine, and exploring the world. Bonnie is fluent in French, holds a certificate in Viticulture & Vinification from the American Sommelier Association, and graduated summa cum laude from Dickinson College.