• Online marketing tips you should write down

    The Internet is the primary platform for marketing, and this has been held as truth for the last decade or so. A shrewd marketing move can attract thousands of potential customers in a matter of days. But the whole online marketing industry is vast and coming up with a successful marketing strategy that will attract […]

  • The Internet is a friend of a smart business person

    We all want to lead our companies and not be a subordinate of someone else. This is, however, hard and only a small portion of those brave enough to start a business will succeed in their venture. Many forget the importance of the internet and thus fail to use its tools to start their activities […]

  • Social media as marketing platforms

    Every social network is a place that is frequented by individuals that are interested in various things. And that means a lot of potential clients with who you might create a connection. Every person that sees an ad on a social network is a potential customer and the number of people that will see it […]