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Innovation may be the most overused word in the business lexicon. But, it’s rarely coupled with another, equally important word: insight. The Innovation Mill is designed to provide you with insights we’ve spotted that will help you be a better-informed and, hopefully, more successful business executive. Here, you’ll find our top picks with our frank, fun and unconventional perspective on stellar events, surprising apps, creative campaigns, remarkable ads and more. We encourage readers to post comments, ask questions and share additional stories.

The company started as a two-man team that started the online marketing business. The start wasn’t as bad as some might think as online marketing was in its infancy stage at that point. The work was simple as there weren’t many mediums that could bring in money. But the company grew and adopted new tools that improved the quality of the services the company provided.

The initial success of the company attracted clients, and the workload was too much for just two people. This required an expansion of the workforce, and the company decided to hire new employees. The quality of the service had to be high even after new people arrive and thus they only hired experts in the field of marketing. All of this resulted in the company that exists today.